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About us

The Hermann-Hesse-Kolleg is a private, internationally recognized school for German as a foreign language and also a certified examination center. With the founding of the college in 1993, the perfect place to learn German as a foreign language was created in Horb.

Following in the footsteps of Hermann Hesse, who spent his life striving for perfect linguistic expression, young people from all sorts of countries around the world come to Horb and get to know not only our language, but also the region and the culture. For over 20 years, the college has managed to present language in as many dimensions as possible.

Intellectual findings are papers, confidence has always only the one who talks about experienced.

Hermann Hesse

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The school


Located in the heart of the medieval town of Horb, the gateway to the Black Forest, the school offers excellent learning conditions, with stores and cafés nearby.

Main learning objectives

The main learning objectives are to structure and improve communication skills. You will receive textbooks and learning materials carefully selected for your classes.


If you attend the course for 3 weeks or more, you will receive a "German as a Foreign Language" certificate, which assesses the skills of reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression and oral expression.


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TestDaF tests only take place on fixed dates. Registrations are only possible via the site testdaf.de. With us, you do not need a TAN (Transaction Authentication Number). Payment is also made online.

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German tests from telc at all levels - A1 to C2. All telc German exams take place on the last Friday of the month. To register please send us: Name, date of birth, address, desired date and level. You are also welcome to send an email to info@hermann-hesse-kolleg.de. Registration at least 15 days before the desired exam date.

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The Test German as a Business Language (WiDaF) exam is available by individual appointment. Registration via info@hhkh.de possible at any time.


Connected with the following institutions through the owner of the Hermann Hesse College Prof. Uli Rothfuss:
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