Please see the registration form below.

1. General requirements: Course participants shall be at least 14 years of age.
2. Terms of payment: Upon application, the course participants will receive a confirming invoice.
3. Fees: The contractually binding fee is the fee stated in the price list current at the time of application. Any and all bank fees or
other charges due in conjunction with payment of the course fees are to be paid by the participant.
4. Cancellation: Registrations for telc exams can be withdrawn 30 days before the exam date. The terms and conditions of the
telc gGmbH in Frankfurt am Main are accepted by all parties.
In case of withdrawal from a course, the following conditions shall apply:
4.1. Withdrawal 14 days before beginning of the course is 30% of the invoiced amount.
4.2. Withdrawal 3 days before beginning of the course is 50% of the invoiced amount.
4.3. Withdrawal less than 72 hours before beginning of the course is 100% of the invoiced amount.
5. Arrival: Participants unable to arrive by scheduled arrival date are required to notify as soon as possible before the beginning
of the course. If such notification is not received, Hermann-Hesse-Kolleg reserves the right to reallocate the place to another
applicant. In this case, the participant is still responsible for full payment of the invoiced fees.
6. Course level assignment/group size:The placement in a particular course level is based on the results of the placement test,
which is carried out the first day. Hermann-Hesse-Kolleg reserves the right to assign at the first or next day. The day of
placement depends on the number of new participants.
7. Internship: Hermann-Hesse-Kolleg arranges an interview in an appropriate company. Whether this interview is passed is
decided by the company. Hermann-Hesse-Kolleg can provide the conditions only; there is no guarantee for a successful work
placement arrangement. The arrangement fee is 500 EUR for internships of up to 7 weeks duration and 600 EUR for longer term
internships. Training includes a four-hour preparatory course, “German for professional purposes”.
8. Saturday excursion: On Saturday, we offer a whole day excursion. The participation is voluntary. If there are less than three
registrations the excursion may be cancelled.
9. Accommodation: Hermann-Hesse-Kolleg is the accommodation agency for the participants, depending on their wishes. We
provide single rooms in host families and single rooms for self-caterers in private houses. The participant will get the address of
the accommodation after we have received the full amount of the invoice.
10. Responsibilities of the participants: It is the responsibility of the course participants to ensure that his or her stay in Germany
is legal. Hermann-Hesse-Kolleg assumes that the participants have got the right visa. Participants with less than 3 weeks course
duration only can receive a confirmation of participation (no qualified certificate). Participants who have been missing lessons
more than 25% of the booked amount will not get a qualified certificate.
11. Liabilities of Hermann-Hesse-Kolleg: The liability for damage and legal responsibility of Hermann-Hesse-Kolleg and its
employees are limited to intend and negligence. Neither Hermann-Hesse-Kolleg nor its employees are liable for the cancellation of
its services due to an act of God, industrial action, reasons due to the negligence of parties other than Hermann-Hesse-Kolleg or
otherwise unacceptable reasons.
12. Right to privacy: The participants consent to electronic data processing and recording of their information in the Hermann-
Hesse-Kolleg’s database, exclusively for the purpose of course management and coordination.
13. Legal domicile: The Jurisdiction for the contract shall be Germany and German law shall apply. The legal domicile is Horb am
Neckar, Germany.